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Prashansa Srivastava

Welcome to your coaching journey with Prashansa Srivastava, a professionally trained and certified CPCC & ICF-ACC coach. Prashansa is a dedicated coach who is passionate about helping her clients achieve their personal and professional goals. Her purpose is positively to impact others by partnering with them in their journey, identifying and working for their full potential.
She believes in empowering individuals, helping them to gain more self-awareness and discover themselves.

Prashansa believes in experiencing, exploring, evolving & empowering!

Prashansa is a highly skilled coach who has a wealth of experience working with a variety of clients from different backgrounds and industries. She is committed to helping her clients achieve a deeper understanding of themselves, empowering them to take control of their lives, and supporting them as they grow and develop.

 Let's work together to Explore and Grow!


My Coaching Style

"I work with the clients and provide them with a non-judgemental and safe space to share whatever comes up in their minds. I listen to them deeply and work with them using different coaching techniques like values, inner-mentor, saboteur, embodiment, processing emotions and feelings, etc. Using these techniques helps the clients to get clarity, self-awareness, vision, and change in habits and actions. My goal is to work for the client's bigger agenda which is achieved by working on multiple smaller agendas."


Frame your life the
way you want!

Study & Experience

Prashansa is a skilled coach based in Singapore, specializing in transformational coaching and personal development coaching. She is a professionally trained coach who has completed coach training at the Co-Active Training Institute and certified CPCC coach &  ICF-ACC Certified.


With a background of 8 years in the IT and Telecom industry, specifically in IT Service Management, she brings a unique blend of technical expertise and coaching acumen to her practice.​Having worked in the IT and Telecom sector, Prashansa understands the fast-paced and demanding nature of the industry. Drawing upon her own journey of growth and self-discovery, she decided to transition into coaching to support individuals in their personal and professional development.

As a coach, Prashansa guides her clients in identifying and achieving their goals, whether they pertain to career advancement, work-life balance, relationships, personal fulfillment, or overall well-being. She helps individuals gain clarity, explore their values and passions, and create a roadmap for their desired future.


Through a combination of powerful questioning, active listening, and practical strategies, she empowers her clients to overcome obstacles and unlock their full potential.

In her personal development coaching, Prashansa focuses on helping clients enhance their self-awareness, build self-confidence, and develop the necessary skills and mindset for personal growth. She assists individuals in identifying and leveraging their strengths, managing limiting beliefs, and fostering positive habits. By providing guidance, accountability, and support, she facilitates transformative journeys that enable her clients to lead more fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Prashansa is well-versed in the cultural nuances and challenges faced by individuals. She tailors her coaching approach to address the specific needs and aspirations of her clients, taking into account their cultural background, values, and context. Her goal is to support individuals and beyond in their personal and professional journeys, helping them navigate through transitions, make empowered choices, and lead more fulfilling lives.​

Prashansa's passion for coaching, coupled with her background in IT and Telecom, allows her to make a significant impact in the lives of her clients. She is dedicated to empowering individuals to create positive change, cultivate resilience, and unlock their true potential. 

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