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Success Stories of some incredible humans!



Working on myself with Prashansa was one of the best choices I made this year. Not only is she patient enough to listen to whatever I have to say , but she also is so genuinely respectful in her own way. Just being for the person and listening to whatever he/she has to say .
And I give it to coach Prashansa for having these qualities along with a lot more. She is so modest and then, when she gets the person out of there self-doubt, it means so much because she actually makes the person believe that everyone makes mistakes but what we do after it decides who we are . 


G.S., India

Working on myself with my coach Prashansa, I felt incredible, I found a huge change in myself, which I always wanted to do in myself. After meeting my coach it got possible in my life. 
I realized we all have a solution to our problems but sometimes in a blur and so in such a situation, we need a person who can help us...for me my coach has taken that place in my life.
Thank you so much to My coach Prashansa

S.S., India


Working with Prashansa, I was able to find clarity and purpose in a challenging life issue. 

Her insightful questions helped me organize my thoughts and identify a clear path forward. 
I am grateful to have Prashansa as my coach and guide on my personal journey.

H.S., Japan

A Journey from Can I? 
Yes, I can!



Prashansa is quite a good listener, She listens to my issues in a very calm and thoughtful way and takes me into a deep self cautious mono trail


Working with Prashansa has been a coastal ride , sometimes during the sessions we really dive into my deep thoughts and feelings which helps me to get a better understanding about my decision making patterns


Working on myself with Prashansa has helped me a lot , I am a very deep over thinker , she has helped me to tackle my emotions and channel that energy in charging my powerful self.

K.C., India

Working on myself with Prashansa is amazing.
She has helped me in so many ways on overcoming my weakness. I feel proud of myself when I see multiple small-little changes that I'm seeing in me . It makes me feel grateful that I joined this particular self help program run by coach Prashansa.

A.S., India

Prashansa is a phenomenal coach. She has supported me to make transformational shifts in my thinking and behavior during our sessions. I always look forward to being in a safe space to explore and work on aspects of my life where I'm unclear and need to grow.


Stepping beyond your comfort zone might seem intimidating, but it opens the door to countless opportunities!

Prashansa is not only a good coach, but also a beautiful human.
Everyone needs some help and we should work with a coach to to understand ourselves more. She is a great coach and I deeply value the time we have spent together and the progress I made in my life working with her. I would not have been this far along in my goals or have this much courage to push forward without her support. I have made so much progress working with her in just a few sessions.

J.T., India

As someone who has experienced the transformative power of coaching, I can recommend Prashansa Srivastava as the most compassionate coach who helped me a lot in impinging my self doubts. Her approachable and deep understanding created a safe space for me to heal and grow. I am forever grateful for her guidance on my journey to inner happiness and peace. If you are looking for someone who can make you feel worthwhile she is the best listener and adviser to talk with.

R.S., India

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